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Triple Oil Treat

Triple Oil Treat

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Our proven and much sought-after oils are an amazing trio to gift your mum to show you love and care for her well being.

Facial Oil 

for skin: for the regeneration of age-defying, bright glowing skin. Rosehip and sea buckthorn defend against wrinkles, control acne-prone skin, prevent or reduce the appearance of scars, boost the production of collagen, and brighten the skin’s complexion. Chamomile fights acne and eczema, treats acne scars and relieves skin irritation.

Lavender naturally reduces inflammation, lessens pain, treats hyperpigmentation, and cleans the surface of the skin.

for soul: To soothe anxiety and feel refreshingly uplifted and calm at the same time.

Use: Apply as an overnight treatment. Do not use when outdoors in the sun.


Body Oil

for skin: for a brighter complexion, fading of blemishes and softer skin.

Coconut is great at reducing inflammation, keeping the skin moisturised and helping the healing of wounds. 

Sweet almond protects the skin from UV damage and helps your skin look smooth, soft and free of fine lines.

Peppermint soothes inflammation, itchiness, and irritation on skin. Rosemary gets rid of cellulite and deodorises naturally, tightens skin tone and soothes out fine lines.

Lemon helps lighten the skin tone and it contains Vitamin C that reduces melanin producing skin cells. Lemon also clarifies the skin by gently exfoliating dead skin cells.

for soul: for that luxurious silky feel. Boosts energy, alleviates feelings of nervous tension, depression and stress, soothes feelings of irritability and relieves fatigue.

Use: Apply as an overnight treatment or before a shower or whilst in the sauna. Do not use when outdoors in the sun.


Hair Oil

for hair/scalp: for thick, luscious dandruff free hair. Prevents hair loss, premature greying and stimulates hair growth.

Argan helps to increase the hair's elasticity and consistently restores shine to dull and lifeless hair.

Coconut strengthens the hair cuticle, helps repair split ends, protects the hair from harmful UV rays, tames frizz, helps your hair grow thicker, longer and faster and along with calendula, rosemary, grapefruit and peppermint, fights off dandruff. 

Calendula's regenerative properties helps the hair follicles grow abundantly resulting in a thicker mane and also protects the scalp against cell-damaging free radicals.

Rosemary also inhibits hair loss and promotes hair and scalp health. Grapefruit is a great revitaliser of the scalp and tresses. Besides also being also responsible for preventing hair loss, Peppermint increases circulation and therefore hair growth.

for soul: for clarity and freshness.

Use: Before or after a shower. Also great for the sauna.

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