Our Story

I started Aanushque nearly 17 years ago, when I had acne and was yearning for flawless and luminous skin and lustrous hair. I knew I could not achieve these through a lot of the products on the market, which had only a miniscule portion of the good stuff and was mostly being sold because of the large advertising budgets propelling them. I then learned the art of fomulating based on plants' characteristics and made my own products. Ah! I could feel the difference from the get go!

Friends and family wanted them too and my sales in that pre-social media era was limited to tea parties in my living room!

But alas, my corporate career and having babies took precedence and this luxury hobby of mine fell by the wayside. I so missed my generous products!

Now my babies are 16 and 13 and thanks to Covid, together with my daughters' assistance I've resurrected the brand and products and here we are!

We now as a family are dedicated to giving you the best that natural skincare can offer.

It's our quest to find the best ingredients and formulate the most effective products for you!

We also invite you on this very exciting journey with us to provide us with feedback and tell us what you want in our products!

Made with love,​

Headshot of the founder Manoji Sunda


    Manoji Sunda
    Founder of Aanushque



About Aanushque

Based in Sydney, Australia, Aanushque was created with the simple goal of bestowing upon the world, luxurious skin care products that will make you feel good on the inside, whilst looking great on the outside. ​

Aanushque prides in handcrafting 100% natural and organic, nutritious, locally and ethically sourced and made body products.​

Sourcing only the best ingredients locally here in Australia, we strive to offer every skin the best that it deserves. and dream up generous concoctions based on the plants' characteristics.

Relish and enjoy these lavish products!